For avian tourists, Uganda is one of the best birding Safari Destination in Africa with about 1062 species recorded. Former British Governor of Uganda Protectorate, and keen ornithologists, described Uganda as a & hidden Eden….and a wonderland for birds”. At least a 3 week stay for any birder can reveal more than 1000 bird species. No other country in Africa can match Uganda’s amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is manifested in ever-burgeoning birdlist of over 1062 species. Some of these birds include the shoebill and numerous spectacular endemics of the Albertine Rift valley, that are hard to find elsewhere. Uganda with its small geographical size (approximately 235,000 sq km) comparatively the size of Great Britain, is arguably the richest African birding destination.

Available Birding Safari Packages

Yellow Billed Stork
3 Days Lake Mburo Bird Watching Tour
This is a 3 Days Birding and wildlife safari in Lake Mburo National Park. On this adventure trip, bird through Lake Mburo National Park, one of the best national parks in Uganda for bird watching.

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Goriath heron - Queen Elizabeth Uganda
5 Days Queen Elizabeth Birding Tour
This is a 3 Days Birding Tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park, home to more than 606 bird species! This trip offers a a genuine rainforest wilderness experience and an excellent opportunity to see some of the rare birds in Uganda!
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Eagle - Uganda Birding Safari7 Days Uganda Birding Adventure
This is a 7 Days Birding Safari offering an exceptional nature and bird watching experience through Uganda’s best spots; UWEC, Mabamba Swamps home to the rare Shoebill Stork, Mabira Forest, the biggest remaining forest in central Uganda and Lake Mburo National Park.
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Birds & Hippos -Kazinga Channel
16 Days Uganda Birding Safari
This 16 Days (15 Nights) Uganda Birding Safari offers the opportunity explore Uganda’s Important Bird Areas. This unforgettable trip takes you among the best birding areas in Uganda that include wetlands, forests and savanna grasslands.
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Olive Pigeon Uganda
20 Days Bird Watching Tour
This is a 20 Days Birding Safari to Uganda’s hottest birding spots that have the highest diversity of bird life. The trip takes you through Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and one of the most important conservation units in the world. If you were to choose THE best birding trip, this must surely be one of the candidates for the winner.
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